~~NOTOC~~ <WRAP main> ====== About ACRI ====== Cellular Automata present a very powerful approach to the study of spatio-temporal systems where complex phenomena build up out of many simple localinteractions. The ACRI conference has been traditionally focused on challenging problems and new research not only in theoretical but application aspects of cellularautomata, including cellular automata tools and computational sciences. It is also concerned with applications and solutions of problems from the fields of physics, engineering, environment science, social science and life sciences. Its primary goal is to discuss problems from a variety of scientific fields, to identify new issues and to enlarge the research fields of cellular automata. Since its inception, the ACRI conference has attracted an ever-growing community and has raised knowledge and interest in the study of cellular automata for both new entrants into the field as well as researchers already working onparticular aspects of cellular automata. The main goal of the 11th edition of ACRI 2014 Conference (Cellular Automata for Research and Industry) is to offer both scientists and engineers in academies and industries an opportunity to express and discuss their views on current trends, challenges, and state-of-the art solutions to various problems in the fields of arts, biology, chemistry, communication, cultural heritage, ecology, economy, geology, engineering, medicine, physics, sociology, traffic control, etc. The conference, which is organized by the [[http://www.agh.edu.pl/en/ |AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków]] and which will take place in Kraków on September 22-25, 2014, is the eleventh in a series of conferences inaugurated in 1994 in Rende, Italy, and followed by ACRI 1996 in Milan, Italy, ACRI 1998 in Trieste, Italy, ACRI 2000 in Karlsruhe, Germany, ACRI 2002 in Geneva, Switzerland, ACRI 2004 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ACRI 2006 in Perpignan, France, ACRI 2008 in Yokohama, Japan, [[http://www.acri2010.disco.unimib.it/about_acri.html |ACRI 2010 in Ascoli Piceno, Italy]] and [[http://acri2012.duth.gr/index.html | ACRI 2012 in Santorini, Grece]]. ====== Topics ====== Topics of either theoretical or applied interest about CA and CA-based models and systems include but are not limited to: * Algebraic properties and generalization * Complex systems * Computational complexity * Dynamical systems * Hardware circuits, architectures, systems and applications * Modeling of biological systems * Modeling of physical or chemical systems * Modeling of ecological and environmental systems * Image Processing and pattern recognition * Natural Computing * Quantum Cellular Automata * Parallelism </WRAP>